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We specialize in tiny, small, medium, large and hypoallergenic designer and purebred puppies for sale.

The best part about getting your pet from us is that we pride ourselves on our vast knowledge and experience of training and housebreaking. What this means is that as you follow our well guided instruction, your puppy should acclimate to his/her new home effortlessly.
We welcome you to walk in anytime during our visiting hours to choose a new furry addition to your family.

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Most Popular Breeds

Doberman Pinschers are obedient, alert and confident companions. You’ll love their loyalty. Doberman puppies. Doberman for sale


  • Loyal, devoted companion and family pet
  • Low maintenance on the grooming front
  • Impressive looking watchdogs
  • Highly intelligent and in the right hands easy to train
  • Moderate shedders
  • Perfect choice for people who lead active, outdoor lives
Great Dane Puppies for sale


  • Great Danes are extremely loyal and affectionate to their families
  • They are very intelligent dogs
    In the right hands, they are easy to train
  • Low maintenance on the grooming front
  • They have moderate shedding coats
  • Great Danes are very playful and goofy by nature
Cane corso puppies for sale


  • The Cane Corso is a loyal family pet and companion
  • They are protective of their families without being aggressive
  • They are impressive watchdogs that don’t need to be trained
  • They are better suited to people who have large, secure back gardens
  • They are low maintenance on the grooming front and moderate shedders
giant schnauzer puppies for sale


  • Giant Schnauzers are loyal and affectionate being great companions and family pets
  • They excel at all sorts of canine sports like agility and obedience
  • They are highly intelligent and in the right hands, easy to train and quick learners
  • They don’t shed like other breeds
  • They are a great choice for people familiar with their needs
  • They are better suited to families with older children

Our Tiny/ Teacup Breeds

Browse the widest, most trusted source of puppies for sale, from German Shepherds to Yorkies. Search by breed, how to find puppies for sale

Havanese puppies


  • The Havanese is renowned for being an affectionate and loyal dog
  • They are make wonderful companions and family pets thanks to their kind natures
  • They are very playful by nature
  • The Havanese is generally good around other pets
  • They have low shedding coats
  • The Havanese is a great choice of pets for first time dog owners
  • They are good watchdogs without ever being too aggressive
Papillon Puppies for sale


  • A Papillon is very affectionate and loyal by nature
  • They are highly adaptable being just as happy in an apartment as a house
  • They don’t need lots of daily physical exercise
  • Papillons are the perfect companions for older people
  • They are a great choice for first time dog owners thanks to their sweet natures
Lhasa Lapso Puppies for sale


  • Lhasas may be small, but they are robust dogs
  • Playful and fun-loving yet proud and dignified by nature
  • Not too demanding when it comes to exercise needs
  • Very loyal by nature which makes
  • Lhasas great watchdogs always quick to let owners know when strangers are around
  • Good around children
  • Lhasas are wonderful companions thanks to their sweet, devoted and affectionate natures
chihuahua puppies for sale


  • Highly intelligent and therefore easy to train
  • Very adaptable and just as happy living in an apartment as they are in a house
  • Good choice for households with older children
  • Extremely loyal which is why Chis make such wonderful companions
  • Chihuahuas don’t need a tremendous amount of daily exercise
  • They love playing interactive indoor games
  • They are low maintenance on the grooming front
  • Can be taught not to bark excessively


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When you purchase your puppy from us, we will go over all the necessary training and housebreaking procedures. We ensure that with our guidance, there will be a smooth transition when you bring your puppy home. We serve the best Guard Dogs

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We are devoted to our puppies and we treat each and every one as if they were going to be ours for life. Because of our dedication to our babies, you can be confident that you will go home with a beautiful puppy that is right for you.


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